Saturday, 14 February 2009

Chas & Cam Gan-Green

Picked up a newspaper today advertising the usual free cd and noticed another advertising 2 free energy saving lightbulbs. Please can someone offer these to Prince Charles and Camilla, oh, sorry, of course they will be halfway around the world on their private plane, with their cronies on a green campaign, so they won`t be needing them. He looks as "owld as tea" and she`s not far behind him. One of the sayings my mam used to come out with, others being
"She`s a fat as butter."
"The house is like Stagey Bank fair" (God knows where that was supposed to be)
"Yar taalkin` a load o` tripe."
"Yer a lang streak o` misery." (Usually directed at me dad)
"She`s mustard that one!" (Usually directed at one of my pals) and
"He`s put everything on that table like a regiment of soldiers." (Also directed at my dad.)

A crowd of us were picked up outside the Laing Art Gallery on a trip to Border`s Books over the Metro Centre. We were each to choose 15 books, fiction, for inclusion in the new Central Library collection. Couldn`t help but buy two for myself

Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh

Coals from Newcastle by Les Turnbull

I was also tempted by The Konkans by Tony D`Souza, but as it`s my birthday soon, I`ll throw the hints out. Bought a fabulous book mark, it`s metal, a sword shape with a birds claw holding a marble on the top. Probably won`t use it, it`ll be a bit bulky, but, again, a sign of my age, I just wanted it, didn`t need it. Yet more crap to fill the house. It`ll probably end up as part of the line up at a boot sale come the better weather.

Looking forward to seeing Andrew Motion at the preview of the new library. We took it in turns at our poetry group to read some of his stuff and it`s amazing. Wife in the North, Judith O`Reilly is visiting Newcastle again soon, so another date for the diary.

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