Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Underpants Cafe`

Going in to Laboca, meeting a couple of folks in there. Last week when friend D was approaching, B looked out of the window

"Here comes The Bitchy Butty Queen, the Crimplene Goddess, Butty Bouquet." She knew that he was taking the Mick by the expression on his face
D "And I` wearing my ocelot just for you" (Tugs on her scarf)
B "I`ve just bought a scary pussy plant, you know one of those smelly yellow bushes, oh by the way, D, never put water on nylon, you`ll get electric shocks."
"Did you see that programme with Sandi Toksvig and Goldie Hawn."
B "Yes, she looked like a Californian Raisin with a bit of lippy on."
D. "They gave much more air space to Goldie Hawn, I`d rather have listened to Sandi."
Y " We`ve all got tickets to see Ms Toksvig next week at Newcastle University."
D "Did I tell you about the leak in my back passage?"
D "We had a burst pipe and the cat was skidding all over the floor, the water dripped through the light fitting, we were plodging through the carpet, husband M had an idea, he had to take his trousers off as they got wet, so he said
M" I`m thinking of starting a new cafe, it`ll be called The Underpants Cafe`, instead of the doorman asking "Can I take your coat?" he`ll say "Can I take your trousers? Then all the men will be comfortable"
Y "I`m having visions here of the Auf Weidershen episode where OZ is trouserless, not a pretty thought, still if all the men did this in a cafe, us women would be spared the sight at home, could catch on."

Then a fella walked in, B addressed him
B "Hi Womble, what`s that whiff I got as you passed just then?"
W "I`m wearing Hi Karate."

Men, they`re in a league of their own!!!!!

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