Monday, 27 October 2008

Monkfish Productions

Been lucky enough to be part of the line up for First in Three at Northern Stage on
6th November. I`ll be appearing as Florrie the Geordie Housewife again, but this time will have the tune Geordie`s Lost his Liggy as my signature tune. A bit scary to think I`ll be on a larger stage, but the more practise I get, the better. Claire Morgan who runs the company will be using her puppet Mother, a clip can be viewed on youtube Little Apple, hilarious as well as a social commentary.

Travelled to Millhouse Green to help our P and B to move house. There`s something very pleasing about a new building, new kitchen, carpets and plain walls. I remember one house we lived in mid seventies, the people before us had painted the skirting boards until they came to a piece of furniture then moved around it to continue painting, when the place was empty, it was plain that they`d just daffied white paint over dark purple. The washable paper in the kitchen had to be chisled off, all seven layers of it, we eventually got down to the bare walls, and I swore that I would never wallpaper, ever. We thought we were trendy with our avocado bathroom suite.

Only been in the gaff for a week and while we were watching TV, some little tow rag nicked the coach lamp from the front door, someone took a key along the side of our car and D chased a lad across the road and through gardens after catching him in a neighbours house, until he lost him. As was fashionable at the time we used a half barrel as a plant pot in the garden, a criminal used it to stand on under our kitchen window trying to get into our house. We didn`t live here long, a year, before we put it up for sale. Moved to our present place and here we`ve stayed.

How I hate those telephone question scams,

Do you know the first name of our queen? Is it

1. Mary
2. Britney
3. Elizabeth

On breakfast TV there was a scrambled name, aimed at children, encouraging them to ring in at peak time, and to ask for permission from an adult
C i d r a
n e ll e

"Mam, mam, I know this one, I can win, pleeeeeeeeeeeease let me ring"

Can`t you just imagine this scenario, all they have to do now is to brainwash the kids and they make a fortune, twats.

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