Monday, 20 October 2008

Memories, in the corners of my mind, la la la........

Just about finished the schools section for the local history book, keep remembering more comic moments as I go along. I had a history of fainting, usually when we were about to disect a worm or when the teacher commented one day " Be careful, the scalpels are sharp, they are used for lancing veins." Why did she have to add that!!! During a craft lesson we were given a demonstration on how to hold the tile away from the sharp instrument we were using to forge lines into, they smelled like old tyres. One lass in the group gouged a chunk out of the soft tissue area between her thumb and forefinger, needless to say I hit the deck amid screams and blood gushing everywhere, who`d be a teacher? I was removed from the scene in a wheelchair.

Husband D has been shopping for CD`s, came back with Free and a couple of metaler kinds of music, thank frig that he didn`t come back with the box set of Champion the Wonderhorse, as he threatened to do last time we were in HMV. It`s fortunate for me that there are no repeats of Little House on the Prarie, pass the fermaldehyde, I want to pickle myself, on second thoughts, no, it brings back unmentionable things done to worms in the name of science!!!

In town passed publicity goings on for Animal Planet, loved the outfits, they were hovering around a black stretch limo, hardly planet friendly. Also, a new shop, Vivienne Westwood, never would have thought I`d ever see this in Newcastle, there were no customers in there, but it`s amazing that we`re in the running, must go in there sometime for a nose around, still can`t shake the memory of her wearing that green outfit with the fig leaf in front. Go girl for courage, I can`t see her ever farting about with tile prints at school.

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