Wednesday, 16 April 2008

The Orphanage

Went to the cinema to see The Orphanage, thoroughly enjoyed this film, didn`t disappoint after loving Pan`s Labyrinth I`d thought it would be a hard act to follow. As I am short in stature, I always sit at the front to avoid taller people blocking my view, only trouble is, everyone in the cinema can see me jump at the scary bits. The way it is shot is superb with some really scary, jump out of your seat moments, doors clashing, things creeping up on you and delayed discovery scenes where you know something is going to leap out.

Afterwards we go to the Rose and Crown, first time I`ve been in there, friendly old man`s pub. Then we moved on down the Groat Market. We get back home pretty late, I put the tumble dryer on while I`m on the computer checking e mails. D has fallen asleep, he jolts awake and shouts

"What`s that helicopter doing?"

Meet D at Laboca,her cat came home after a night on the tiles, it`s head covered in oil, she tried to get the marks off with watered down washing liquid. A friend of her husband`s sent her a text "Would you like me to call around to get the mark off your pussy!" On the subject of animals, she knows a woman who owns one of those furless tiny dogs, it`s called Coco Chacha, but their surname is Bell, it didn`t quite go, so now it`s called Coco Chacha Labelle, it fits in her handbag. Then an old woman who she knows has owned a series of budgies over her lifetime, they were all called Billy (Surname Shay), she has lots of little graves in her garden Billy Shay 1st, Billy Shay 2nd etc.

I ask B if I can take a photo of him for my blog, he obliges, true to character, up for a laugh, and poses with his cake covers, brilliant.

As husband D was off work on Tuesday I met up with him after leaving friend D. We go to the Metro Centre, stop off at Subway for a fabulous honey mustard chicken sandwich, I am just about to sink my teeth into it, when a young couple sit down, the lad has his back to me, he is quite portly and is wearing hipster jeans, I can see nearly all of his backside, not pretty, that`s the second scary sight this week.

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