Saturday, 16 February 2008

Death of a loyal Friend

We had to let our lovely Bullseye go on Saturday, he had been booked in for the removal of his staples, but had become so weak and wasn`t eating. D & G come back distraught, G goes to his room and D begins cleaning, hoovering and polishing.

Later D is sitting on the sofa with his lap top on his knee and looking at me over the lid, occasionally with a very suspicious and furtive look on his face. I ask him if he is looking at porn, he doesn`t reply, so I ask again. When he turns the screen around within my view, its a Bull terrier rehoming site for abandoned dogs. Bullies in Need. There is Bill who`s owners have beggared off to Austarlia after having him for four years, the write up says it has left him a very sad dog. Boris nips when he becomes excited and Jake is jealous of the resident bitch at his foster home. I inform friends and relatives of this and all are in agreement that it wouldn`t be fair to a new dog, us being 56, if the dog lived 13 years as Bullseye had done, would walking and caring become too difficult? Half of me feels written off, but the other half sees the sense in this. I make it a mission to disuade him, why not just buy a budgie? But then I am sucked in, You tube has a clip Bull terrier vs Cat, which so shows the playful boisterous nature of the breed, stop it Yvonne, you are not getting one!!!!

I arrive at Laboca early and chat to B, a young couple enter the cafe, he is smartly dressed in suit and she is smartly kitted out. They are having a conversation near the till, B is waiting "Come on, stop talking about your sex life and order"
He glances out of the window "It`s the tart, and she`s with somebody else!" he sounds surprised. "Yes." I answer "It`s a friend of hers called A, I`ve never met her, but she wants to go to the book club this afternoon. As A and D sit down, A shakes my hand and says "Pleased to meet you

B "The witches of Eastwick, what are you having"
Y "Two coffees and a hot chocolate, and quick about it"
B "I`m giving up women for Lent"
Y "So that means that your not giving up anything."

I inform D and A about the loss of Bullseye. A remembers when their tabby cat was run over on the main road in front of her two daughters. They brought the animal home and held a tearful burial in the garden. Later in the afternoon, A was in the bedroom putting clothing away, turned around, and there was the cat sitting on the bed. At first she thought sh`d seen a ghost, but then asked herself the question "So who`s cat had they buried?"

We make our way to the Side Cafe on the quayside. The door displays a Closed sign, two waitresses are inside. When I gesture for one of them to Come here, she looks at me as if to say "Can`t you read?" When I inform her that our book club meets the 2nd Tuesday every month, she denies all knowledge
Y We`ve been meeting here since May last year.
W. Well, we`re closed now from 3-6 every day
Y Couldn`t someone have rang the library
W. I don`t know
K. We have other people arriving

Suitably bored, she closes the door, not even asking us in to wait for the others, so we adjourn to the Akenside pub across the road then sit near the window. Promptly a Fed brewery van parks in front of the window, we gather our coats, bags and drinks to move along the window area, get settled and it drives off. Everyone is full of hell over the cafe`s inconsiderate behaviour. I suggest we go to B`s cafe Laboca. I ring him, he usually closes at 4.00 but assures us that we are welcome until 5, he will keep the cafe open for us. Canny bairn, now that`s what I call customer relations. If the others don`t mind the odd insult here or there, we`re set for our new venue.

Now that I`ve caught up with my blog, I might just have another look at Bullies in Need.

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