Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Vet Bill

The family bull terrier, Bullseye appears to be coming out in sympathy with his owner and has had two falls, he looks terrible when D & G get in from work, so they take him to the vets. This is Tuesday evening, the vet has to be called out, £70 for this. They are told that so far it will be £270 for Bullseye having spent the night in the surgery, blood test and anti biotics. Wednesday, they recieve a phone call, the dog needs to undergo a biopsy, vet thinks the problem could be liver related, now it`s up to £550. Thursday, we all really miss the dog and are very worried that he may not make it, but the vet is working on Bullseye being able to come home on Friday evening.

Friday, my boss P informs me that D has been on the phone and will be able to pick me up, she tells me that he has confided the bill price, it has gone up, but asked her not to tell me, It`s £850. I am asked to look suitably surprised when he announces this. I am beginning to feel that the dog is not the only one who may not make it. However, when D & G bring Bullseye home at 5.30, the bill is now £1,140!!!!
When D looks at the itemised account, there is a suspicious £59, the vet explains that it is their end of month fee from customers to pay for those who default payment. D refused to pay, he didn`t wish to subsidise non payers, so it was deducted from the bill. And all this before we know the results of the biopsy!!!!

Bullseye has to go back this Saturday to have the metal staples along his stomach wound to be removed....the muzzle will need to be employed if they expect to keep their hands.

They say that disaster comes in threes, well I`m counting, firstly, my head bashing on the patio, secondly, the dog collapses, thirdly, our freezer packs in. D is intent on an American monstrosity, but this will involve removing the fitted fridge and freezer and sawing the bench off, apart from anything else, we waste too much food already. He argues that as we have had them both for 15 years, the fridge will be the next to go, and it will be ecconomical to replace them both now. I win, putting forward the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Back from Curry`s, he is going to fit the freezer himself, "It will save £50" Hah, I think barely a drop in the ocean if this is an attempt to claw back cash for the Vet`s Bill. D has the instructions on the bench, but insists on selecting a part, then holding it up in various places, "To see if it goes there" I work out that this piece needs to go onto the actual wooden door, he pah pahs the idea, but concedes that I am right. I go into the sitting room. After 2 hours, D announces that all is in place, then he drops the wire back inside the cabinet, has to take it all apart, then after another 2 hours its finished. He parboils a cauliflower, bag of carrots, turnip and brocolli, puts them in food bags and itches for them to cool down so that he can put them in the new freezer.

After all of this I need a holiday, but I am beginning to suspect that a local beach will be the nearest we get. Or maybe I could send a begging letter to the vet, any old money?

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