Saturday, 1 December 2007

Jewish Jacket Potato

Pal D and I arrive at Art Cafe to the usual friendly greeting "Hi wrinklies." A rather refined lady is sat in the corner of the room on her own, she is looking at the menu. B approaches and she orders a jacket potato.

We admire the new paintings on the cafe` walls, we particularly like the oil paintings of apples. B confides that he had suggested buying one to his partner who said "I`ve already got one old fruit at home, I don`t want one on my walls."

He tells us that he had been to a wedding last Saturday, but had to go straight from work, he said "I smelled like a chip, I nearly asked if anyone had a bun for a chip butty." He turned to the lady in the corner,
B "Oh, I see you haven`t eaten the skin?"
L "No, I never eat the skin."
B "Right then, next time I`ll make you a Jewish jacket potato."

D is talking about her recent trip to Italy where the handbags are designer and very expensive. She was looking at an alligator bag
D "It was gorgeous, alligator, but it looked as if it had been botoxed."
B "I wonder if it was botoxed before or after it was dead"
D "Uh, how horrible"
B "Otherwise it may not have been a snappy bargain"

We laugh, and so does he at his own joke. I don`t know what this lady is thinking, all this talk of skin in one form or another. We resume our chat about boozing and occasions when we have been tipsy to pissed.

I tell D about my hubby`s night out with the fellas from work, they were at the Old George, he didn`t get home until 1.30am. I was watching Billy Elliot on T.V. when he got back. He sat down on the chair, put his glasses on, promptly fell asleep,slid down the chair, the specs lodged sideways over the bridge of his nose, then one of the arms went up his nose, not a pretty sight. I couldn`t resist taking a photo of him. Next day when he looked at it he said "I really did have a skin full."

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