Sunday, 23 December 2007

Bulk Mail

I am fed up with the amount of spam I am receiving lately.They target the easily led, people who don`t read things properly and the usual Viagra,advertising 40% off for perverts, National Bank, for people who may actually have an account with this bank, then open it in error.

Some recent titles were:-

Sender Subject
P Brimm Wankotsu
Wesley Lockhart ElmoFuckstickExtensive
magda durst Make your T python hu and ha
marra pruitt fashion trends in accessories

Is everybody on the make? Last week I was rushing through town passing a fruit seller barrow boy, he was talking to a customer. The fruit was banked up in columns in a cantilever position. I noticed a woman, touching the tangerines with one hand while holding a finger to her mouth, feining decision making. When the lad looked away, she rolled an orange up her sleeve. When I mentioned this to his fellow assistant she answered in a world weary way " That doesn`t surprise me, he caught a man with a bunch of grapes inside his coat last week." The imagery of this is scary.

At this time of year, the shops are crowded, especially food emporiums. Try to advise my husband that we are only buying all of this stuff to satisfy the advertisers, why do we need it all when the shops are open again so soon? But he loves the whole hyperventilating rush, panic for a trolley, supermarket sweep experience. Again, I turn the corner aisle of one well known shop to witness a man stuffing a packet of pasta up his jumper. When I mention this to husband, he says "He might not have much money." Yeah, that`s why the rest of us have to pay more.

Well, that`s me off the soap box, now to settle down with my nice PAID FOR cup of tea and a slice of cake.

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