Friday, 23 November 2007

Call the Fashion Police

D and I are watching Trinny and Susannah dressing the nation. They are working on a new coding system for body types, know your type they advise. So...which type are husband is all ears, they explain that some men have a beer belly or have a broad neck or broad shoulders or man boobs or short legs. D listens to this and comments "Well what category am I... I have all of those?" to which darling son looks at me..I know what is coming "Try fat bastard size" then laughs. Then we are into the baldy jokes and fat jokes. As G and D both work for BT, G says "The lads at work were surprised that you are my Dad, they said you look nothing like the old man...and I said Thank f*** for that."

The girls move up north and visit a slate mine, they need to enter a tunnel to find the men, Trinny is more worried about having to wear a fleece.

Son G goes upstairs, fetches a T shirt which he has recently purchased, and asks me to take it up on my sewing machine. It looks fine for length to me and I tell him so. D puts his two penworth in "It`ll be too short" G sneers back "The day I take fashion advice from you, I`ll shoot myself!"

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