Saturday, 29 September 2007

Botox-ily Bootiful

Have watched a programme on Haute Couture Fashion, Ivana Trump was there. Karl Lagerfeld , like Max Wall in his customary black, cling fit pants and Hobbit huge boots, pony tailed grey hair and botoxed lips. The high collar on his shirt not only hid his wrinkly neck, but it looked as if it was holding his neck up.

We were informed that Lacroix would hire a jet to transport three dresses to New York. Club members are on a continual diet, if they are able to get into a dress that the model wore at the show, they get it for that price, but if it has to be made in a bigger size, they pay the full haute couture whack.

Judith, a middle aged club member flounces in front of the mirror in a very girly, (and I mean strictly for the poker thin, young skin brigade) black and white dress with huge lacy white sleeves, gypsy style. She doesn`t want to wear "Something that half of America is wearing"
She insists that haute couture is a collectable form of art, an investment, people don`t think anything of buying a painting, just as much goes into clothing.Oh, really, then I wonder if this phrase might come in handy when I`m trying to drag my husband into Next or Haute Cu Matalan.

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