Wednesday, 7 December 2011

December, the Countdown Begins

First visit to Iguana`s tapas bar in Grey Street with friends. Great atmosphere enhanced by two for the price of one cocktails. Didn`t order food, but Paul and Jane`s fayre looked soooo tasty. Had already eaten, but will be going here again soon to sample gamba`s, chorizo and chicken dishes. We met at 1.30 and the time passed so quickly chatting until 7.30

Southpaw on Friday at the Chillingham Arms was great with amazing pperformers. Looking forward to next year`s programme.

Watched a brilliant programme on BBC4 last night The Strange Science of Decay. A special glass room was constructed and monitored over 50 days. Fresh food, cooked meats, sandwiches and wine were left to rot and filmed. The most amazing patterns and formations emerged. First the flies and maggots moved in. When the last of the edible food was gone and only hardened skin on the pig and chicken were left, then the beetles took over. From among all of the dead things, life emerged in plants, wonderful.

Also watched Spinal Tap for the first time, side splitting stuff. The lyrics in their songs "You`re sweet, but you still got your baby teeth"
and comments "As long as there`s sex I can do without rock and roll" The mini-Stonehenge designed on a napkin. And, when one of the band is pulled up at customs with a cucumber down his kecks, hilarious. Watched Another Year, a bit depressing, miserable.

As usual D has his present early, an ipad which he is using regularly. Unlike last year`s present, a wii fit! It has been under the tv stand since January this year with the occasional dusting. However there is an Abba dance disc out, so he might be persuaded to follow that?

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