Friday, 2 December 2011

Borderline Books

A kindly member of the public donated a fridge, all we had to do was pick it up. Now we can take a sandwich to keep us going. Last week A gave 600 books away to a community group who are setting up a multi-language library. So there were more book boxes to empty, stamp and sort into languages and categories. A task which I thoroughly enjoy as this project is so worthy. Trouble is that I always see a book or two that I like, while trying to sort my books at home, I bring a bag full to donate, then go away with a few more!!

A curious thing happened, I noticed an old paperback, The World of Suzi Wong, printed in 1957, I remembered that my mother had a copy of this and thought that I would take it to read. On flipping through, discovered a poem in a language that I didn`t recognise, but a name stood out which I did, Yvonne, my own name. Got home and keyed in a couple of words into Google Translations. It`s Dutch, so I could have asked Amina to translate as she has lived there and is fluent. Next Monday will offer it up to her. Some of the words meant ice, cold, mountains, so really curious to know more.

Amina found a piece of paper with the words "uncontrolled stock" How ironic is that, in a place where every bloody thing is? Couldn`t miss the opportunity to take a photo of her among the sea of literature. On the theme of sea, another thing that I have learned today, Silverfish. Two of the little horrors wriggled out from a book I was stamping. First time I have encountered such things, yet everyone that I have mentioned this to already know about them. They eat paper an are usually found in foisty old damp buildings. I suppose this is the problem, receiving donations of books, we don`t know where they have been stored.

Received a fabulous book through the post today. After taking photos at the 60`S Experience and sending them to Alan Mosca of Herman`s Hermits, I was sent a gift from the lads. A limited edition of rare photos of Cliff, not actually one of my favourite performers, but the photos are outstanding, book in a presentation box and black and white photo included. What a lovely thought.

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