Sunday, 13 November 2011

JazzCafe (Pink Lane Poetry and Performance) Halloween Party

Fantastic belated Halloween party at the Jazz Cafe. Burlesque by the marvelous Toxic Cherry, haunting poetry by Shaft, comedy resident duo F & L had us all in stitches with their act. Robbie Lee Hurst and improv muscic group were fantastic.

The brilliant Claire Morgan of Monkfish stunned us with her performance, some new acts which were great, but well done to everyone especially Jess for staging the event.

Visited the studio in the old Waygood building on High Bridge with K, we are to have a space here to paint. Must sort my easle out to transport there so that I can finish a painting I have started. Problems at home being too many distractions with computer, books, housework etc, so it will be great to just BE in this fabulous building to concentrate on art for a change.

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