Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Crocodile Tears

Brother D L and sister in law A here again to sort me out on the computer. De-fragging again and deleting and re-installing itunes. D was working separately in his room trying to put stuff on a disc, he shouted through for DL, he replied "Are you sure it`s not your discs, last time I was round here I went to take one from the tower and at least 10 of them were covered in tomato sauce?" "No, no, they`re fine." DL came back to me and A, showing us a disc "Look at this, I just took it randomly from the middle of the pile!!!" It was scratched to hell. When DL points this out to D, he comes back with "Well I don`t know how that`s happened, I`m very careful with discs. "Right, so Peter Rabbit came in" I said and A added "He came in and shit on them and then wiped his arse on them" To which DL quotes randomly, which he is apt to do. "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last." We all then ping pong about looking for quotes, I like Rupert Murdoch, brother wants Winston Churchill and A would rather listen to Depeche Mode. D has lost interest and goes back from whence he came. My favourite RP quote is "I`m a catalyst for change. You can`t be an outsider and be successful for 30 years without leaving a certain amount of scar tissue around the place." Then we learn from DL that the crocodile quote is one of Winston`s.

DL was talking about music and recommended Mamalian Locomotion, but thought that the track was "Something.......your inhibitions?" We looked for it and turned out it was Shelter your Needs, so very alike!! I suggested we play a Pink cd, DL plays You`re speaking my language by Juliette Lewis and the Licks on youtube and we agree that Pink was influenced by her. I`m really enjoying listening to new music at the moment, inspired by KF who has put some fabulous tracks on my ipod shuffle. Jackson Browne Fountain of Sorrow a favourite among many others. Once I`m familiar with itunes, I`ll be raring to go. D likes Katherine Jenkins.

DL wants to put one of his Radiohead cd`s in my stereo and asks how to open it as it has 3 disc tables, I say left, no the right side of the left one with the 3 little lights, he replies "Don`t apply for a job as an interface designer" (Who would have thought that this lovely little child, pictured, would have such a tongue? It`s a good job that I love him!

We get back on track after D disappears back in his room again. More de-fragging and A mentions that my book case could do with de-fragging, so to teach her a lesson, I make up a bag of 8 or so books to take home with her, she also gets a jumper, but don`t get me started on de-clagging the wardrobe!!

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