Thursday, 21 July 2011

Heavy Metal

Someone gave me a toffee, knew I shouldn`t have taken it, greedy cow! Felt something inside it, my crown. Now I have a black peg of an old tooth showing until my appointment at the dentists. I look like one of the owld hags that stood around the guilotine, knitting. I`ve asked for another silver crown to be taken out at the same time and a white one to replace. The existing one is like a bullet, huge bloody thing. I was told that they are apparently ordered from China, one size fits all and made up from old keys and scrap metal. Hope it doesn`t hurt too much, I`m a dreadful coward where pain is concerned!! Still,I`ve got until the 12th to prepare myself.

Very good session this morning. I read from Great Expectations, Miss Haversham and Pip, they loved it and lots of discussion arose regarding their experiences of past feelings of being left out and made to feel inadequate. Stories from evacuation and large families.

Straight to Discovery Museum and a meeting to discuss the possibility of my being able to borrow equipment to enhance my sessions. Met some great people who are just as keen as me to share resources. I was given a tour behind the scenes, they have dozens of fab boxes with everything from Greek, Roman, Victorian and war time. Mediatheque is the most fabulous thing I have experienced for a long time. Little booths with up to three headphones, you can access any film from their archive. This will be on my list for places to go!

Spent a little time afterwards at 4.30 in a charity shop which has boxes of photos, selected a dozen and also bought a few cd`s.

The smell of smoke was still evident when I got home at 5.30. This morning, cooked chicken, but being clever decided to boil potatoes and carrots just before I left the house. Forgot didn`t I? Caught the carrots, but the potatoes were a chisle job to remove from the pan. It looked like a little moonscape, blackened with peaks of white peeping through. Windows opened and air freshner don`t do it!

Decided to put my name down for Improv session at the Jazz Cafe on 25th August. £5 and cheap at double the price.

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