Tuesday, 19 July 2011

And All that Jazz

Spent a lovely week in St Ives, apart from the fact that I was expecting a log cabin and ended up in little more than a shed. The bedroom had a circle light above the door and no bedside lamp. Wardrobe, home made and painted white was closed, but on putting clothes inside refused to once more. It was right next to the bedroom door. So when I got up to visit the bathroom during the night, unable to shed light on the situation I wandered inside the wardrobe.

Bathroom with sliding door which was just as well because bath, toilet and hand basin were all fighting for space. You would have been able to turn on the taps while sitting on the loo if you`d a mind to. The bath was an old scratched ceramic type and it was necessary to get dried standing in the bath as there was no space.

However, it was set in woods with ancient trees with squirrels and rabbits running around. Not that we were in there much as we went into St Ives town most days, Newquay, St Austell and Zennor. Favourite place was Gwithian where Godrevy lighthouse (on which Virgia Woolf based her novel To the Lighthouse) is situated. We did take a peek at Talland House, but it`s quite expensive to stay there, one day!

I took part in a painting session with St Ives Artists, £5 to paint to Jazz music which was very satisfying. It must be great to go on a week painting holiday, but there`s not much chance of that when D waited at the harbour until I`d finished, couldn`t be persuaded to join in. One lady had difficulty getting started "I don`t understand the music!" I remember years ago when I ran a creative group. A group of older women who had been through the system where everything had to be kept within the lines. They`d asked for a session making something for children so I took some silk, paints and as an example a clown drawing which I`d done at home. They all wanted to make a clown, although there were other designs. They even chose the exact colours I`d used. When I pointed out that they could choose their own colours, they said "We want to do it properly" They were of a generation where anyone showing innovation or individuality would be classed as "Well up themselves."

Don`t get me started on the press, police and politicians steeped in it up to their eyebrows. Slap them all with shaving foam I say!

Quote of the day by David Icke

""Politics, now there`s a funny thing. It comes from the word "poly" meaning many and "tics" meaning blood sucking insects, ironic isn`t it?"

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