Sunday, 20 June 2010

I wish I`d looked after me teeth

Fought through the crowds at Primark for socks for D. A couple in front - she had filled one of those net bags with clothing. He`s standing by her, hands in pockets
and he says

"I just hope you live long enough to wear it all!"

I`m considering buying new wardrobes, but I really need to chuck a whole load of shite out first. Shoes I can`t walk in, things that are too tight, scarves. So I can`t snear at Mrs. Shop till she drops.

Made a new dental appointment. The first injection didn`t numb so she gave me another one. I was wearing plastic goggles which steamed up. These are new, must be in case bits of filling splat into your eyes. Looked at myself in the mirror and a panda stared back. Must invest in waterproof mascara. By the time I`d left the surgery my eye felt droopy and I needed to shove my neck forward to swallow. Went to the newsagents for a paper and when I spoke I sounded like the woman in the Tunes advert. Invested in a new electric toothbrush, need to look after the owld ageing teeth at my age. (Thanks to Pam Ayres for the title)

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