Monday, 14 June 2010

Confidence or Laziness...You decide!

Menopause could be used by many as an excuse for confusion,disorganization, forgetfulness? But, it doesn`t only apply to my age group. At the bus stop accompanied by my shopping trolley, the bus arrived and I got on, purse in hand. When I opened it, no note. I knew that I had a tenner to buy my weekly bus pass. I had to get off, dropped the purse, pennies sprinkling all over the path then had to wait half an hour for another. I sat near the front and a young lass got on at the next stop, long dark hair soaking wet.

She was carrying a bright orange handbag that was the size of a holdall, explained to the driver that she couldn`t find her pass, could she get on and produce it when she`d sorted herself out. He drives off and she parks her backside on one of the retractable seats while peeling her bag open on the other two. She reaches inside the tardis and pulls out a long pink perfume bottle, sprays it animatedly all over herself. She`s oblivious to my choking sounds, puts it back and drags out a spray deodorant which she points down her cleavage and under her arms. There`s a book and a hair brush that I can see. She finds what she`s looking for, leaves the bag wide open and slaps along the bus, holds up the pass to the driver and returns to rummaging in the bag. A vest top comes out, is folded and put back in. A pink fluffy towel is next out, a quick ruffle to her hair. Next she takes out a powder compact and in full view of many open mouthed pensioners she tarts up.

Part of me is in awe and admiration of the confidence and total lack of thought to what anyone else thinks and the other part is wanting to scream at her "Can`t you get ready before you leave the house!!" What is it that rises in me, is it a menopausal trait or being English,or because I am a nosy bugger? I want to make a comment, but don`t. She`s still not finished, she attempts to put on mascara as we travel over speed bumps. It was almost worth missing the bus to get a load of this farce. I was amazed that a hairdryer didn`t come out of the bag, maybe she could have asked the driver to plug it into his cigarette lighter socket. Sadly I had to get off, couldn`t help but wonder if she would read her book or maybe call someone up on her mobile. When I think of the palaver I have before I leave the house, checking and re-checking the back/front door etc and I still misplaced my money. It was in the back of my purse all the time.

Now, I`ve just checked my diary and I had a dental appointment today which I`ve missed and probably will have to pay a fine on top of the £45 I`ve already paid. And god knows when I`ll get another appointment. Eeee it`s coming to something when you have a diary, write in it, then forget to look at it.

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