Sunday, 9 November 2008

Willy shaped Fish and Chips

We both had a pig of a day on Friday and decided that the diet would go out of the window, we NEEDED fish and chips. To make ourselves feel better, we would have half each. When I opened the box, there staring back at me was this willy shaped fish, had the staff in the shop played a joke on us or did a piece of fish drop off in the hot fat, we`ll never know. But, it gave us a good laugh. Later in the evening I suddenly thought that I could have staged it so that D opened the box on video and I could have sent it to Harry Hill, ah well £250 smackeroonies down the drain, we`d already eaten it. I must admit that when it came to cutting it in half, I did feel a bit like that Bobbit woman, but I was hungry so tried not to think about it. D ate the balls and I ate the willy, metaphorically of course.

Sandi Toksvig gave a brilliant talk at the university she spoke about how women and girls were portrayed in a negative wimpering way in stories such as Cinderella and Rapunzel, waiting around for men to rescue them and give them a life. She`s definitely worth seeing.

Next up was my spot at Northern Stage as a guest with Monkfish Productions, excellent acts and bands, had a great time. But, did rattle through my sections and didn`t give people a chance to finish applauding, so they missed some of the first lines as I moved on too quickly, but it`s logged for next time I`m anywhere else.

The old school reunion was great, met up again with lots of old pals and I have telephone numbers of those willing to give interviews and allow me to scan their photos for Benwell Remembered. There was a buffet and a raffle, someone had a loud haler to announce the winners, but everyone was so busy gassing that we didn`t hear, also me and D missed the buffet, nowt left by the time we got around to picking something up, I did get a mini sausage roll, but at least it looked like a sausage roll!!!!!!!!!!!!

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