Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Tight Knickers

Watched a great programme, think it was called Now that`s what I call 1983. Remember those horrible Cabbage Patch Dolls? Old footage showed the pandemonium that ensued when a delivery hit a store and there wasn`t enough to go around. Parents were fisting eachother in at the checkouts. One American mother shouted

"What are we supposed to say "You`ve been good but Santa ran short?"

Then a shot of another customer running out of the shop with about 7 boxes under her arms. Other toys which our two lads owned were He Man, we sold them all for next to nowt at a boot sale, they`d be worth something now, but you can`t hold onto old crap forever in the hope of making money, the house is like shitsville some days, so I don`t want to make it any worse. There were some hilarious clips, Total Eclipse of the Heart was a good song, but the video showing a crowd of choir boys with glowing eyes made me laugh, then one of them launched through the air towards the camera, great stuff. Tony Hadley was on, brilliant voice.

Went into town to meet D at B`s cafe Laboca. B and I were discussing our recent experiences with biopsies, and how we both had the all clear. It was freezing outside, and we saw D approaching with her collar up around her neck, B said
"And speaking of dead things!!!"

I showed them the recent Xmas card and letter from someone I used to work with years ago, the letter was photocopied, so she must send her news to everyone. B read it and said

"I hate those kinds of people, you`ve got one, they`ve got two, you`ve got 2 they`ve got 10, you`ve got a garden, they`ve got a park, but only it`s not theirs, it`s inherited." ..........Go for it boy!!!

As he read on he commented"

"Oh, this is sooooo boring, she talks so much shite, her knickers must be too tight, so its all coming out of her mouth, she got into her girdle 18 years go and she`s still wearing it forty years later."

The bible basher was out in force in Northumberland Street, he had a huge flag that he was waving in one hand and his book in the other

"Jesus saves...Is Jesus a man...Is he God.....or is he just a historical figure?"

I didn`t wait to find out

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