Sunday, 1 July 2007

Broadband Hearing Aids

I go to town to meet friend D, we meet at 10.30 at Laboca Art Cafe. I, as usual am on time. B enquires "Where`s Lily Savage?" I reply "Oh, she`ll be late as usual." He asks "Was that your husband you were with last time, I hope he didn`t take offence when I told him to bugger off, I was rushed off my feet." (Of course not, that`s why we come here.)

D arrives with her photos from LA and I have brought mine of Devon. She tells me of one of the guests at her hotel, he loved to tell everyone how much he spends on his big car, house, boat and everything else he possesses. She couldn`t help noticing his massive hearing aids. "He could just about pick up Broadband on them." We agreed that if he had so much money, then he should buy a set of digital hearing aids, then he may pick up Sky TV.

On my way home on the bus, an old dear boards hurriedly to be out of the rain. She is around 70ish and is wearing a very large white mac with a huge hood. It reminds me of the anthrax scare in America. Where is all of this rain coming from, we are reading of flooding in places which are otherwise not bothered by this problem. I expect rain in April, but not in flaming June. If I could get my hands on the little sod in the desert who is performing a rain dance, he would need a hearing aid after I`ve finished boxing his ears.

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