Monday, 29 December 2014

Should Auld Aquaintance.......and Auld Lang...... Thingy...Syne

December is coming to a close and the Grainger Market book is nearly there. Around forty interviews and only a few to check for errors. I'm working with Juan Fitzgerald, photographer and there are excellent portrait shots, people at work and more artistic photos. Musicians Steve Daggett and Jim Hornsby have both written songs of their memories, John Grundy has agreed to write the introduction, Vanessa Heston editor and David Hepworth of Tyne Bridge Publishing are making links with Tyne and Wear Museums. As the market is celebrating its 180 year history in 2015 we are working with Dr Keith Armstrong on interviews which he carried out in the seventies and looking at his poems on traders. This is where my free bus pass comes in handy, I jumped the 28 bus to Beamish and used the resource centre where I discovered some excellent photos which I can use. The staff are really helpful and can advise on certain pics which need copyright approval. K's hen party at the Town Wall was full of surprises. We were split into groups of five and given a bag of toilet rolls each to "dress" one of our group in a paper wedding dress, pass the parcel with shot glasses, quiz and good food and drinks. I decided to keep fit before the xmas festivities began so joined a tap dance class for beginners at Dance City After a long break from performance I enjoyed reading at Telling Tales at Blakes Cafe which was hosted by Jeff Price. Enjoyed listening to other contributors such as Olya Bowers, Simma, Pauline Plummer, Aidan Clarke' Jeff Price and open mic slots available. Another good evening of drama at the Black Gate by Suspect Productions, a bit nippy in there this time of year but everyone brought their own food and booze, so very soon it wasn't an issue! Diesel Therapy were great at the Cluny, haven't been there for ages and one of my new year resolutions is to get back to listening to live music more often in 2015. Xmas lunch with family at eldest son's home. It's a real cooperative, we supplied the ham and champers,E's mother C set down a delicious turkey and chocolates, E&G cooked the vegetables and prepared prawn cocktails. My daughter in law's sister K looked amazing in her beautiful dress. The wedding at Doxford hall was perfect, live music from Hip Operation, a really bluesy rock band. To round off the month I am now at younger son and daughter in laws P & B's home in Bedfordshire and will enjoy a chill out time (they won't allow me near the sink) B was grappling a saucepan from her mothers hands when I arrived from St Pancras earlier today. But I think between us we can run rings around her. S & D are playing chess, and even though D sometimes can sit for half an hour plotting his strategy, S always wins. I'm updating this blog which hasn't been touched for around eight months, so keeping up with entries will be my second resolution and for a third on the list, I vow to finish things during next year. Hence I have brought a batik with beads which has been on the hoop for months, 9x9 inch knitted squares (of which I have to date completed 39) I need around 60 which will form a throw when done. I also have 250 cotton patchwork squares which lie in an old whisky box. It drives me nuts knowing that I have started these items and they all seem to scream "finish me now!!!" I promise not to start craft projects until I have sewn up, knitted Or clagged together before starting new ones! This also goes for books, but I won't even bother to resolve this issue as I know that this is not possible. I am reading three at the same time at the moment. Attended my first People's Assembly this week, brilliant idea. Donatiobs of food and clothing are collected to give to the homeless and crisis centres, cakes and biscuits are made, tea and coffee served, we sang songs with a live band, watched comedy sketches, listened to poetry and stories. Held at the Stand Comedy Cafe in town. The children created drawings, wrote stories and created a gingerbread house. Definitely will be back in January. Also, it's a great place to bring clothing which I have bought and never worn......see, two more resolutions.... Clear out and recycle.

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