Monday, 21 January 2013

Newton Hall and Hot Words at the Chilli

Must work out how to put photos in order on this site. A trip to Newton Hall with G and E and E`s mum C. We looked round the venue which is wonderful. They have booked for their wedding in April 2014. e got to see all of the rooms and my favourites are 4 and 8. 4 is a Chinese theme with a sunken bath. 8 is more traditional, but it looks out towards fields and the sea with a raised floor in a bay window and a huge stand alone metal bathin which you can sit and take in the views. We took advantage of a hog roast stottie, the lad was turning it on a spit and it was delicious. The gardens are great, but we couldn`t take advantage of a wander because of deep snow. The other pics were taken at the Chillingham Arms on Friday at Annie Moir and Aidan Clarke`s new poetry and performance event wich will take place once a month. It was quite clear when I arrived, but soon afterwards the sleet started and not wanting to be stuck over there I left early much to my annoyance. I could have kipped on Jan`s sofa as her and Johnny were drinking downstairs, she said I could have, but home I went. The next event is 15th February and it will be amazing, a great line up. Stuck in the house for the third day, but hopefully can get to the meeting at Central Library tomorrow, against the cuts. The last meeting I attended at the Old Assembly Rooms was good, Lee Hall and Anne Cleeves spoke along with Peter Mortimer and others, a really militant crowd with Ann giving a really moving talk about the people who will be affected such as the elderly. Lee Hall roused everyone with a challenge to the council, quoting figures and inspiring folks to consider camping out in the libraries.

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