Tuesday, 13 November 2012

First Annual Alternative Miss Loco (Andrew Belshaw hosting as Bella Duvall

Dear contestant,

thank you for entering the Alternative Miss Loco 2013 competition. Please read on for some information about the event which you will need to know if you are to be a successful applicant.

-There are 12 places available for the competition.

-To apply you must submit the attached questionnaire completed in full by 25th November 2012. (You can make the answers up if you like but try and be as entertaining as you possibly can as these question and answers will be part of your performance you will be judged on.)

-You should be available for the evening of the 14th December 2012 from 630pm.

-The costume you wear in part 1 is the costume you are judged on regardless of whether you change for your performance in part 2. Make it count!

-All catwalk and performance music should be submitted to Luke Bevan by December 13th.

-You will be judged on two parts of the evening


Catwalk - you will have the opportunity to strut your stuff on stage to the music of your selection for about 1 minute showing off your outfit and strut skills.

Questions and Answers - you will be asked some of the questions below by Miss Bella DuVall. Dont worry about remembering the answers as she will have them in front of her and she will be able to prompt you. Not all questions will be used. The most entertaining answers will be used. Be creative.


Performance - you have up to 5 minutes to do your thing. Whatever is your talent then we want to see it no matter how off the wall it is. If you are going to be performing live and need a mic then you must let Luke Bevan know so that microphones can be organised for you. If you have any other props that will be part of your performance. Please let us know as soon as possible once you have heard if you are successful in your application. This probably wont come as a shock but any performance where bodily fluids or excrement are part of it are prohibited.

Judges comment - the judges will each speak about your catwalk, outfit and performance at this stage. They may want to ask you some additional questions too.

And thats it! Your application is the questionnaire below so get it completed and returned to belladuvall@yahoo.co.uk! And good luck!

love Bella x x x

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