Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Thriller - Chiller

This year`s Benwell Reunion was attended by around 70 people, much down on last year`s number which was 140. At first I imagined that this would be the last year that I would organise it as the room hire has went up from £60 to £75. I didn`t think that there would be enough raised from the raffle, but it earned enough for me to book for next year. I will advertise it more widely and put posters up to attract more guests.

Began work with Youth Village this week, the staff are totally dedicated. We are working with the 13-19 year olds at various venues in Newcastle, on fields in tents!  The thought in this weather is offputting, but it has been an extremely enjoyable experience, working alongside great people who have the interests of the youngsters at heart. The theme is folklore and myths so Halloween fits right in, ghost stories, masks, cartoons and old games, sayings and Geordie jokes, my shopping trolley was fit to bust. There have been zombie dancing, to Thriller, Ghostbusters, pumpkin carving, cookery, rapping, advice on health issues, Wii games and much more was on offer. I have two more sessions to do and then next week back to my regular sessions.

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