Thursday, 20 September 2012

Two Weddings and a Spa

The first wedding, J and B chose a vintage theme.  Vicars hate confetti outside their gaff`s, so J set out an old 40`s style cookery basket with pages from books formed into cones holding dried flowers. The wedding took place in the beautiful St Matthew`s Church in Summerhill. The reception at the bowling club pavillion was decorated with bunting also made from pages.  The tables, for 4 were set out with unmatched crockery which gave a 40`s effect and a bottle of champagne on each.  Fabulous food inside as well as a barbeque outdoors. It was a lovely day and evening, folks played croquet on the lawn and danced the night away.

Second wedding at As You Like It for M and K. Beautiful pastel roses, lush surroundings, imaginative photographer who brought a box of costumes, hats and boa`s etc. Everyone took turns in dressing up to have their photo taken. After each photo, guests wrote a message for the couple in chalk on a slate board which would be displayed alongside the photos in an album. The buffet was excellent, I will definitely call in here for a meal soon.

Saw my first robin today, gorgeous little creatures, but they are here to tell us that cold weather is on the way.

Son P and daughter in law B stayed in town at Mal Maison for the hen and batchelor do`s, then at Hotel de Vin. B and I enjoyed a spa and pedicure at Mal Maison then went to Slug and Lettuce for food. P went with the lads go carting.

Why is it that men don`t think to move things before they begin work on a project? D decided to fix a shelf to the wall in my office leaving my lap top underneath, leaning on said appliance, snapping a speaker lead inside the slot. Next, he takes off the back and snaps wires. I wasn`t too bothered, it`s nearly 6 years old and  I mainly use my net book. However, he did me a favour as he volunteered to buy me a new one!  I now have a lovely Toshiba Satellite, the webcam is excellent quality and it has a terrabyte storage.

Comic book workshops finished and everything handed over to the designer. Should be a launch soon of comics which will be distributed to parents and children who took part. More work lined up as a result so will be busy. Conversation group going well, we have a Czech interpreter which is a bonus and I also have reminiscence sessions lined up for the rest of the year. Will be taking part in a workshop for RAF cadets - history, stories, jokes and looking at objects from the past. Will be a first, but looking forward to this.

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