Saturday, 23 June 2012

Canada May 2012

The CN Tower is well worth a visit, 1,815 feet (553 m) high with glass panels in the lift!  There is a floor also with glass panels where people dare eachother ot walk across. Young kids were lying on it, arms outstretched of give the illusion of falling to ther photos. We went to the 360 restaurant were the food is amazing. Tip - make sure thqat you remember where your table is as when you return from the bathroom, guess what, it`s not in the same place. Every 45 minutes or so, sat at your table you can see a fabulous panorama of Toronto. We stayed for 3 hours and by then it was sunset and the buildings were cloaked in pink.

Helicopter ride over Niagra takes some beating, but as it turned a couple of times, so did my stomach, wasn`t actually sick, but I did feel that I was in a clip from Inception.

Quebec is a fabulous city, we ate at Pope George a really old pub and were entertained by two French men and their dog. We got on talking about art and one of them said "Put your hands down the trouser"& I did a double this bloke asking me to put my hand down his trousers? But no, I clicked, he began pretending to draw with his right hand while his own left hand was down the back of his pants.  I remembered a book I have called Drawing on the Right side of the brain. It explains that our right hemisphere always jumps in first at most tasks, especially when we try to draw.  If we can fool the left side to take a back seat, the creative right brain will be given more chance. We are advised to turn a picture upside down, just enough time to confuse the left brian and voila, the creative right is in charge.  This is what he was trying to tell me, Keep the left hand hidden when we draw. Phew.

At Montreal, we were "treated" to a hike around the Grand Prick... er I mean Grand Prix track.  D was all of a flutter "Take a picture of me on the start line"  "Take a picture of me beside the garages" "Take......"  For goodness sake!!  Pirelli, isn`t that a slipper manufacturer?  All I know, and ever want to know.  He kept telling people how the coach driver went into a wobble on the approach...SO!  I did really enjoy a visit to the Mussee Beaux Arts in the city, Leger, Picasso, Matisse, Lipchitz, Rodin and Giacometti, wonderful and not a bit of burning rubber in sight.

Didn`t have one poor meal throughout the stay and loved China Town in Toronto.   We took a rikshaw which was pulled 7 blocks by a young lad who was at university and earning extra money. I have never seen such wonderful foods, colourful stalls and people. One sign did amuse me, an acupuncture establishment "Call here for acupuncture and get poked more often"  I don`t suppose that it`s the first time that phrases have been lost in translation, they probably only meant that there would be more needles for your money. Maybe it should have read "Call here and get more pricks for your money"....No? Ah well, somebody ought to tell them, but it won`t be me.

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