Friday, 23 March 2012

Papa hasn`t got a brand new bag!

D needs a new bag for work. After stuffing it full of extremely heavy crap it has given up and died. Didn`t want to go for a new one himself, sent me. I trawled around the market and various shops, nothing, which isn`t surprising as..rectangle shape won`t do, it has to be square and with three zippy areas...."Like the old one". Enough time wasted, I give up, he can look for one himself.

As he is now 60 also, I don`t have to suffer the same old joke of me being older than him, him being my toy boy etc etc. The best card was from brother D, 3 very stout naked men showing their arses. Brother said "Eeee look three Dave`s" We all trouped to Mandarin, a Chinese restaurant in town which was excellent. They had sculpted little turnips into flower shapes for decoration. Brother D confided that he once went to a Chinese friend`s dad`s restaurant, they made the offer, if he ate a whole turnip he could have the meal free. "After eating half the turnip, I was full, so I couldn`t eat a meal anyway" Aye, that figures.

I was telling my sister in law that I have a book which translates Cockney Rhyming slang, we commented on such phrases as "apples and pears" for stairs and brother informed us that "Did you know that a piss is "hit and miss"? and by the way I need one?" he promptly left the table. When he came back we were treated to a youtube clip showing a frog slicking out it`s tongue onto an iphone as the cruel owner was showing the creature virtual ants running about. The frog gets annoyed and bites the owners hand, fair do`s.

Leaving the restaurant, we cross the road to the eight storey car park, we are at the top, (It`s St Patrick`s Day and everywhere is full to the gills.) We all take the stairs, except husband D, who stands smuggly at the lift door sneering at us. However, daughter in law B presses all of the buttons for the lift as we pass, aren`t kids great? We stand on the roof taking photos of the surrounding Chinatown while D makes his interrupted ascent.

Went to the studio today and as hard as I try to copy from a photo of a woman, mostly in shadow, it turns out more like a bloke, second attempt, will try once more and that`s it!

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