Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Bonnets and Old Boots

Boot sales are curious places. Rooting through a cardboard box, I saw a furry ET next to The Joy of Sex manual. Overheard a woman talking to someone she was with, "Our Pauline just bought a pair of toe clippers" Sellers display their way of life to everyone passing by, what they have read - books including Jordan. This all went on at Hexham Auction Mart, a huge place where animals are usually held, but on Sundays each seller has his own pen in which to round up their goods.

I defy anyone to go there and not come away with something, that they don`t really need! Hence I was tempted by the offer of two necklaces for £1. But, I now have a poss stick, which will be great for one of my memories sessions.(Brass with wooden handle, Co-op) Also some cd`s for 50p each. It`s such a large place, I overheard a woman on her mobile "Yes, yes, I`ll be there soon, I`m still trying to find my way out." This could be what I need to get rid of some of my old tat, but as D is always reminding me "You haven`t got any old tat, only new tat that you haven`t worn!"

Made a start sorting stuff to take, but so far I have only selected 3 books, it`s like drawing teeth parting with them. D is watching Inglorious Bastards and so far I have heard them saying "Achtung" "Schnell,schnell" and wonder when they will come out with Swinehund! There is lots of talk of "broads" and much male bravado. There seems to be one woman who can use a gun, but even when she shoots a nazi dead she looks like she`s part of a fashion shoot.

At last, I now have control of the controls and can watch Vintage tv. The Clash are on, London`s Calling and God Save the Queen by the Sex Pistols, now that`s more like it. Kim Wilde is hosting, I remember watching her dad!! Where has the time gone?

The Pitmen Painters at People`s Theatre was excellent, we enjoyed the show so much that we have also booked to see Lee Hall`s company in August at Tyne Theatre. Looking forward to writing for radio workshop at Live Theatre on Thursday then watching the play The Girls from Poppyfield Close. Just discovered that Herman`s Hermits and others will be coming to Tyne Theatre later in the year, must go to see that show.

Not everything has gone ok. D swapped his vintage Singer 24 for a Jaguar XK8. Only had the bloody thing for six weeks and it caught fire as he was driving. Luckily, as he wasn`t aware, staff from an estate agents rushed from their office with fire extinguishers. The fire brigade were called. Windscreen melted, roof a mess, bonnet had to be prised open, so it`s a write-off. But nobody hurt and insured so no harm done. D is gutted as he loved this car, says that it has put him off having an older car, but I`ll give him a fortnight. You don`t just admit defeat with a passion.

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