Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Spider eating

While on the phone to my son and daughter in law, they request that I switch on tv to check out Gordon`s Great Escape. Ramsay is in Cambodia and is told that cooking massive spiders is the way to go. However, a lady looking on continually holds a cloth up to her face. Now you may argue that she was feeling the heat. But I suspect that she too found mashing a blackened claw fisted arachnid between your teeth a little barf making! As he mulled it over in his mouth, he states that it`s surprisingly like Kentucky Fried Chicken, crunchy, until he bites into the body where a puss ridden mess explodes into his mouth. I warn you two...I`ll set Chico onto you.

Just to continue with the sick making comments, I was on the bus when a balding gentleman sat in front. He scratched around his head until he found a scab, then proceeded to flick bits of skin around the place. I quickly pulled my shopping bag towards me and fled to another seat.

I`ve finally managed to send in my 45 minute play to Live Writer`s. We`ve all been working hard on our individual plays for a while now deadline day Friday 13th May, didn`t want to tempt providence so it`s gone earlier, ready or not. We will all receive feedback, and it might be a possibility that some of us may be advised to try radio. As always, Live don`t give advice without a back up plan, so we have been invited to attend a Radio Workshop event. If anyone is thinking of writing a play, their first stop should be Live Theatre website. Sessions are stimulating, supportive and very professional. Actors have read our work, we have met writer`s, attended plays and discussions with directors and actors.

Been to a christening on Sunday, next week a wedding and in June a retirement. Need to buy more cards!

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