Friday, 11 March 2011

LIve Theatre (Faith & Cold Reading)

Another visit to Live to see Faith and Cold reading which was excellent. As I saw it on opening night, I knew what was about to happen during the scary parts. Eight of us went to see the play and it was great when the lasses either cried out or jumped.

We had a fabulous meal at restaurant Six in Baltic, I had seafood pie which I will be having again next time I go. The potato on top was the best I`ve ever tasted, lots of butter and cream.

Another good session at Byker for around 30 senior citizens. They loved the owld stuff from the past and much was said about the children`s games and christening hat. Must add some new objects for next time.

I must say that I feel vindicated!! Husband D put on his jumper and complained that the hem was curling up. He said

"You haven`t ironed it properly." I said

"Well iron it yourself then." which he did and returned triumphant with flat hem. However, after five minutes it was curling up again like a rollmop. When I mentioned this he said "I know!!!" Ha HAAAAAA.

Going to see Blue Giro tonight.

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