Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Journeys Home

Worked on a project with Richard Bliss called Journeys Home, a mix of music, local people reading their work and poems. Maps were printed as tablecloths and a kind of mad hatter`s tea party theme was achieved with old fashioned tea cups, saucers and milk and sugar bowls, tea pots with plants inside and lovely china cake stands. Guests watched the show and were treated to cakes and tea.

VOTE FOR FIGHT CLUB (Jessica Johnson perfoming in this film)

Jameson Empire Awards 2010 | Empire | www.empireonline.com

I have ten interviews in towards my next book of local memories. Only six more people to see, record their stories and scan photos. I hate thinking up captions for the photos, my least favourite task. But I will enjoy taking photos of local traders in the area for the Working Folks section.

Still haven`t seen Avatar. Not expecting a plot according to the reviews, but couldn`t care less as it`s the animation that I`m interested in. Must see the Ian Drury film and An Education.

On the bus coming home from town today, old man gets on with a walking stick and a Boots carrier bag. He sits down takes out one can of anti perspirant and sprays it on his hand, then sniffs. Everyone at the front of the bus begins coughing. he doesn`t take the hint and pulls another fragranced smelly tin from the bag and repeat sprays over everyone. I say "Well at least it`s strong enough." he agrees, then another woman splutters "It would have been better to test it when you get off the bus!!" When it`s his stop, he gets up and walks to the front of the bus, minus stick. A young lad rushes to give him it back. The spluttering woman shouts "Why has he got a stick when he obviously doesn`t need it." People don`t half get riled up.

Become involved in a Benwell project, Noah`s Arc. We are being asked to pick a pair of animals or birds to replicate in either wool or felt. I chose parrots. Made a trip into town to buy a load of brightly coloured felt. The feathers are going to be a bugger and need to make the little bodies to fix them onto. Decided to cut the shapes out and embroider the feathery bits. I have some round shisha`s which I`ll use for eyes. Caught my eye on some polystyrene eggs in the market at 6p each, bought three, now I need to decide how to embellish them, maybe sequins?
North East Tonight is on TV, I am trying to listen to Michael Chapman talking about life on the river and encouraging people to write. I`ll have to Google it because David is rabbiting about Toyota and how "They" are really going after them, "It`s not really the brakes, cars are computerized and.......update....where you see the difference you use your brakes...wheels might be at different levels..say going over a bump...no compensating for the....ABS.....what actually happens is one wheel might be getting slightly more pressure applied....software compensates....blah...blah secret message....blah blah blah missing button. Too late I`ve missed it all and there are a couple of overweight dogs on now. They look like a pair of sea lions, names Pinky and Perky. Wouldn`t like to choose them for my two animals for the arc, would take up too much wool!!

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