Sunday, 3 January 2010

You MIght Find the Other Half

(Lola wearing her new Xmas jumper)

D and I spent a lovely Xmas day for dinner with son G and partner E. Her mother, sister, two aunts, uncle and two cousins there too. I sound like I`m singing the countdown song, 12 days of Xmas. Spent new year with my brother and sister in law at their home in fierce competition with the karaoke machine. The results of all your duff notes are shown for all to see on screen. So, when I tell you that I had the highest score with my rendition of House of the Rising Sun, you get the picture of how shite we all were. Bat out of Hell by P with all of the actions. Luckily it was a limited selection, so Abba wasn`t allowed but I was gutted that we couldn`t get Sting with Englishman in New York or Gloria Gaynor with I Will Survive! Have watched so much crap on TV. As we`d been out a few times, D wanted to watch Omnibus Constipation Street and Ennemadale. Thank crunchie for computers!! But did get back into watching back to back episodes of Dr Who...ah..haven`t times changed when you are positively waiting for the Daleks to shreik "Exterminate" instead of hiding behind the sofa "Pretending to watch Dr Who" Well... I was only 10 when I first saw them. We set hot air balloons off in the garden, so I apologise if the police station was swamped with U.F.O alert calls, but they look so beautiful. My entry to the BBC My Story Competition is on their website. So fingers crossed. There are hundreds of applications and five of those will be considered for book deals and also they will be featured on a TV programme. The title is You Might Find the Other Half and is under the category of Discovery.

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